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roottek RF Shielded, enclosure RT- 2121, roottek, RF shield box
roottek RF Shielded enclosure RT- 2121, roottek, RF shield box
Download the datasheet file

RF Shielded enclosure RT- 2121

The RT-2121 supports broad band testing frequency and provides optimal testing circumstance to test mobile devices.

Outstanding durability and Simple structure.

Convenient use and maintenance.

Supports an I/O Interface Panel to apply various interface.(IB-Series)

 High performance RF Absorber

High shielding effectiveness using double layer gasket structure.

◆ Fixture Mounting holes on the bottom.


l  Size information

1.     Outer size(Closed): 248(W) x 305(D) x 212(H)mm

2.     Outer size(Opened): 248(W) x 394(D) x 409(H)mm

3.      Inner size(Closed): 173(W) x 248(D) x 134(H)mm

 RT-2121는 넓은 주파수 대역을 지원하며, 무선통신 단말기 측정을 위한 최적의 환경을 제공하도록 구성 되어있습니다.

 Simple 한 구성과 뛰어난 내구성

 편리한 사용법 및 유지보수

  I/O Panel 적용으로 인한 다양한 I/O Port 사용 가능 (IB-Series)

 고성능 RF Absorber 적용

 2중 차폐 구조 적용.

 Fixture 부착용 Mounting hole 적용


RT-2121 outer dimension 1.jpg
RT-2121 outer dimension 2.jpg
RT-2121 inner dimension 1.jpg
RT-2121 inner dimension 2.jpg
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